The Trillium Experience

Education a Step Ahead

Our Commitment

Trillium School is committed to establishing within each of our students a strong foundation of work and study skills, a varied and extensive base of knowledge, and an ability to critically examine, discuss, and assess the world around them. These are skills that will always serve them well going forward.

Success in today’s modem global economy, however, requires a new set of competencies too. Our team is committed to meeting this demand. We work hard to develop our students’ teamwork skills, their ability to adapt quickly to change and remain flexible in their thinking, as well as their proficiency in public speaking. Further, Trillium students are directly taught the qualities that strong and effective leaders possess and are presented with numerous opportunities to practice their own leadership skills.

Strong academics and good character – these are the hallmarks of Trillium. By the time students graduate, they will be global citizens, compassionate and tolerant in their perspective. They will have the self-confidence to try new things and the strong sense of self needed to drive them forward, always in pursuit of the highest in social, moral, and work standards.

Tradition of Excellence

Trillium is proud of our record of 100% university placement. At Trillium, parents and students will discover our long history of excellence amongst independent schools – a tradition of educational excellence since 1991.

The enriched and rigorous academic programs in Trillium School aim to promote the pursuit of knowledge, personal growth, and character development in a nurturing and stimulating learning environment that prepare students for future success. Our academic programs meet and exceed the expectations of Ontario Ministry of Education. All courses are university-preparatory and are at the advanced level.

Our goal is to challenge the student academically, emotionally, and physically, to develop and instill in our students the knowledge, attributes, values, confidence and courage to be successful in post-secondary education and beyond, and to empower them to develop into academically vibrant, ethical, responsible, and empathetic global citizens who can make a difference in the local and global community. Our students thrive within a culture of creativity and innovation in learning excellence and are committed to continuous improvement. For more details, please click here.

In addition, the rich and dynamic extracurricular activities in Trillium School stand out as we strive to integrate academic enrichment across all disciplines, helping students learn the knowledge and skills to achieve success in learning, work, and life. ­We provide our students with every opportunity to grow to become confident and well-rounded citizens. For more details, please click here