Academics Overview

The future begins here

Trillium School provides enriched and rigorous academic programs in a nurturing and stimulating learning environment that prepare students for future success. Our academic programs meet and exceed the expectations of Ontario Ministry of Education. All courses are university-preparatory and are at the advanced level.

Our goal is to challenge the whole child academically, emotionally, and physically, to develop and instill in our students the knowledge, attributes, values, confidence and courage to be successful in post-secondary education and beyond, and to empower them to develop into academically vibrant, ethical, responsible, and empathetic global citizens who can make a difference in the local and global community.

Trillium School students are supported by faculty with outstanding experience and credentials in their fields, as well as a passion for education. Classes are small with a student-faculty ratio of 7:1 and faculty members are available to work with students one-on-one and in small groups. Our faculty foster nurturing, stimulating, and rigorous learning environments where students can develop their critical thinking and problem solving, actively participate in cross-discipline learning, and gain a deep understanding of each subject area.

Students are expected to participate at their optimum level from the moment they join Trillium. Students are encouraged to show initiative and challenge themselves to reach their full potential. Our students not only develop strong academic skills, but they develop social and cultural consciousness, leadership skills and global competencies in order to contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

Academic Values Statement


Trillium offers courses such as Business Studies, Canadian and World Studies, Computer Studies, English, English as a Second Language, Guidance and Career Education, Health and Physical Education, Languages (French, Mandarin, Spanish), Mathematics, Media Arts, Performing Arts (Drama, Music), Science, Social Sciences and Humanities, Technological Education, and Visual Arts. Please click here to view our curriculum document.


Trillium School STEM program is designed to cultivate critical thinkers through enriched curriculum on Science, Math, and Computer Technology disciplines with experiences beyond the class. The STEM program provides an enriched learning opportunity for students who are interested in applying their knowledge and skills in Science, Math, and Computer Technology by offering an interdisciplinary method to deepen their critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills. For more details, please click here.


At Trillium School, we strongly believe in a wide range of varied strategies in order to fully develop our students’ understanding and thirst for knowledge. Through rigorous planning and extremely detailed curriculum documents, our teachers offer a multitude of ways for the students to express themselves with confidence. Our teachers assess the students according to stringent guidelines and pay particular attention to their:

All our tests, quizzes and exams are graded according to these criteria, and encourage students to think outside the box.

Learning Support for Success

Trillium School is pride of our commitment to meeting the learning needs of all learners. We recognize that every student is unique, each with a different set of abilities, academic needs, and learning styles. At Trillium, we provide personalized one-on-one or small group tutoring for a variety of courses to help students address their academic needs and improve their learning and academic performance, such as Math Contest Preparation, Tutoring, ESL Support, etc. We take great pleasure in seeing our students thrive at Trillium and achieve their full potential and goals. Our faculty strive to create supportive and nurturing learning spaces for all students to be successful.