Academic Support

Support every young learner

At Trillium, we recognize that every student is unique, each with different abilities, academic needs and learning styles, and we strive to create a supportive and nurturing learning environment for all students to be successful. Our academic support provides a variety of programs and recourses designed to inspire students learning and to improve student academics. We take great pleasure in seeing our students thrive at Trillium and achieve their full potential and goals.

Math Contest Preparation

Math provides an effective way of building mental discipline and encourages logical reasoning and mental rigor, therefore, it is important to provide students with a strong mathematical foundation. We encourage all our students to write the University of Waterloo CEMC Math Contests with an aim to give them the opportunity to have fun and to develop their mathematical problem-solving ability. We prepare, through individual and small-group tutorial sessions, our students to write these contests every year. The program is also facilitated by a current University of Waterloo co-operative education math student who is supervised by a Trillium staff.

ESL Support

Students whose first language is not English may study English as a Second Language (ESL). Upon arrival, students’ arrival, teachers will decide which English stream best fits them. We offer the full range of Ministry mandated ESL credit courses, from ESL Level 1 (ESLAO) through to ESL Level 5 (ESLEO). The goal of our ESL courses is to help learners of the English language develop the skills they need to be proficient and confident with everyday English. From there, students attain proficiency in academic English, enabling them to integrate into the mainstream school program alongside their peers.


This program is designed to help students who require additional assistance in an academic subject to address their academic needs and improve their learning and academic performance. All the tutoring will be arranged as a part of after-school programs.

Language Remedial Program / IELTS Preparation

Language Remedial Program is designed to help English language learners succeed in school. This program provides in-depth and comprehensive training in English language skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) in small classes to help students improve their English skills. Based on students’ different learning abilities, the program targets students’ weaknesses, identifies their issues during the learning progress, and enhances their capabilities in the mastery of English language. For our Grades 11 and 12 English language learners who need to take the IELTS test for university admissions, we offer intensive IELTS preparation courses in small classes by experienced and qualified IELTS instructors to help students advance their English language proficiency.