Extracurricular Activities

Beyond the regular classes

Our core academic programs are complemented by rich and dynamic extracurricular activities. Exposure to a wide variety of life experiences helps to broaden students’ vision of the world, deepen their experience, and bring knowledge to life. ­We assist students in growing and becoming well-rounded citizens.

Character Building

Many initiates are undertaken throughout the school year that help to reinforce good character, responsible citizenship, and a global perspective. These have included food and clothing drives, community clean-up initiatives, recycling programs, sponsorship of a child in a developing country, and charity fundraisers such as the Terry Fox Run and SickKids Hospital.

Skills Development

Starting in Grade 9, students participate in weekly badminton and swimming clubs during the fall months. They are replaced by the skating club during the winter and spring months. By the time students graduate from Trillium, they also will have completed our ski program and participated in an outdoor skills and group development program.

Leadership Training

Other elements of the High School program include formalized leadership training. The program features direct in-class instruction, proper role-modeling, leadership opportunities and assignments, evaluation and feedback.

Personal Development

While most components of the extracurricular activities are compulsory, there are many opportunities available to students on a volunteer or selective basis. In addition to the clubs offered after school, students can be a Captain in their House, a peer tutor, or a library helper during recess or lunch.

Our extracurricular activities merge seamlessly with the core academic programs. The extracurricular activities help to foster important life skills such as independence, leadership, self-discipline, and teamwork, and inspire students to strive for excellence, develop innovative and imaginative insights, and apply their skills in real world situations. 

The following is a list of some of the extracurricular activities that have been offered.

List of Extracurricular Activities