Field Trips

Explore learning beyond the classroom

At Trillium, we believe in experiential learning. Our core curriculum is supported by a wide range of educational, fun, and engaging outdoor education programs and field trips.

The curriculum-related outdoor education programs and field trips are mandatory. They help bridge the gap between the classroom and hands-on learning, between theory and experience. Field trips also bring an experiential component to what students learn in class, enrich their curricular understanding, enable them to explore and enjoy our natural heritage, and inspire them to be more active stewards of the environment. Experiential learning through field trips is designed to build resilience and perseverance. The trip provides students with an opportunity to step out of their comfort zones and to challenge themselves.

Through these trips and activities, students learn to lead as they come face-to-face with true challenges of adventure, achieve intellectual, emotional, and social development, and experience age-appropriate risk taking within a safe learning environment.

The following is a list of some of the field trips that have been offered.

List of Fun and Educational Field Trips