Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Program

Leadership begins with leading yourself

At Trillium School, students have opportunities to build and demonstrate their leadership skills. Students learn to set goals and develop areas of focus in their leadership development through engagement in academic programs, co-curriculars, field trips, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, The House System, and other programs. Students are supported by our faculty and staff in a way that enables learning, fun, and reflection.

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

Founded in 1956 by His Royal Highness Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a global program with the goal of challenging, empowering and recognizing young people between the ages of 14 and 24. Around the world, over 1.3 million young people in 130+ countries and territories are gaining confidence, resilience, adaptability and more by participating in the Award. Introduced to Canada in 1963, the Award program has helped motivate young Canadians to set goals, build their skills to equip themselves for life and work, and challenge themselves to take control of their lives and futures.

What Drives the Award Program

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award challenges young Canadians to develop skills and tools to improve themselves and their communities by encouraging them to go beyond their comfort zone. Many young people, through lack of confidence, opportunity, or education, feel incapable of affecting real change in their communities. The Award program is designed to help them discover that they are more capable and powerful than they ever dreamed.

How It Works

The Award is completed in three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold, each progressively more challenging. Young people start at whichever level suits them best and they can take as long as they wish (until their 25th birthday) to achieve their Award. All activities counted toward the Award must be extra-curricular and voluntary.

There are four Sections of activities for all Award levels, plus a Gold Project at the Gold:

At Trillium, the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award program aligns closely with our core values of Academic Excellence, Character Development, Personal Growth, and Community. Students participating in the Award program have a commitment beyond academic excellence and a commitment to personal development and responsibility through community service, skill building, physical recreation, and adventurous journey. Looking forward, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award can help students carve out a better future. Universities, colleges, and employers regard the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award highly and believe the Award is a good indication as to the dedication and commitment of young people, so it will help to open the right doors for students. Trillium School is a registered Award Unit, and we have an Award Leader on staff to guide students on the way to this special achievement as part of their co-curricular activities.

The House System

At Trillium, the House System provides students with constant daily support. The system, as a way to connect with each other, also organizes students into small groups for academic, co-curricular, and other activities. The House System aims to reward and strengthen desirable behaviors for learning and to build a team spirit and a sense of community, responsibility and belonging.

At Trillium School, the four Houses are named for colors and each House has a “Captain”. All students are placed in a House for the school year, where they can further develop their skills and experiences to become confident individuals and contributing members of the school community. The Trillium House System offers students the opportunity to:

House Points

Each House has the opportunity to generate points for their House by actively taking part in a variety of activities that can be awarded points, including but not limited to: co-curricular activities, academic performance, fundraising, community services, etc. The House points are displayed and announced regularly.